Koh Lipe Island: a big paradise in a small island

A well-known island located in Thailand, Koh Lipe is so far the best island I’ve ever visited in Asia. Probably helped that was low season during my visit and I did not face rains until the last day


Koh Lipe is located in Thailand, but only accessible via Langkawi (Malaysia) by speedboat.


This island will offer you relax, snorkel and dive. The sea bed full of corals and marine life is stunning and its clear waters will let you enjoy of an amazing diving and snorkeling moments. In addition, you will find pretty good hotels at the foot of the beach with affordable prices if you have chosen to travel in low season, and less affordable prices whether you are thinking to travel in high season.


There are 2 seasons in Koh Lipe, hence 2 different ways to get here.

  1. High season (December to April): a flight directly to Langkawi and take a speedboat to Koh Lipe. Can check Ferry and schedule here
  2. Low season (May to November): a flight to Langkawi. Then need to take a boat to Satun and arrange a taxi to Pakbara. You have to stay a night in Pakbara in order to grab a speeadboat the next the morning towards Koh Lipe.


Despite it’s a bit troublesome to get to Koh Lipe during low season, has its positive things. You should check accurately your schedule and Ferry schedules to match everything well. Likewise, there are many websites to arrange van/taxi services from Satun to Pakbara at good prices.


Arriving to Koh Lipe, you should start seeing its clear waters and beautiful beaches

Koh Lipe is split in 3 beaches: Sunset beach, Pattaya beach and Sunrise beach

During my stay in Koh Lipe, I spent 2 nights in a hotel at Sunset beach. This hotel has its own small beach for snorkel and completely empty! It’s a good idea to try different beaches and hotels if your stay is long enough.

The rest of my trip, I stayed at Sunrise beach. This is the most touristy beach and full of resorts and hotels at the foot of the beach. Also the best beach to snorkel. Right in front of the beach there are 2 little islands with deeper waters which you can easily snorkel or kayak towards there.


Snorkeling near the Sunrise beach, you may find stunning marine life. However, the water was not clear at all due to the weather. For clearer waters, better in high season.

Relax at the beach with a beer is another option as well.

By walking through the centre of the island you may find restaurants, shops, 7eleven, bars, etc. and a way to get to the rest of the beaches.

During low season, some of these restaurants and bars were closed. However, many of them still open at better prices


Summary, the island is a MUST to visit. If you really want to enjoy the peace and keep away from the crowd, better to visit during low season with the risk of clouds and rains.

Otherwise, high season will let you enjoy the sun with a clear sky and clearer waters with the risk of the crowd.


  • Location: Koh Lipe island @ Thailand
  • Time spend: 6 days
  • Season: low season
  • Weather conditions: Slight clouds and sun
  • Score: 9.5/10


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