Chinese version of Dropbox for FREE

Once again, another inconvenience of Chinese government censorship is that also Dropbox and Google drive is blocked in China. You’ll need a VPN in order to access to all your data located in these apps. In addition, you may suffer slow speed when you want to download or upload any video, since VPN services are not famous for its speed and stability.

Again, digging and sharing information with locals, I was told that there’s a Chinese version of Dropbox called Baidu WanPang 百度网盘. The most shocking of this app is its memory. ONLY has 1000GB!! Good alternative to Dropbox after all.

Now I will explain how to download in a brief guide

1. Go to Baidu @ and click in search. There’s also an app available to download through App store and Google play. Once is open, search 百度网盘 and the following results will be shown:

Now you got this results, click in the button circled above to download the app

Alternative, click here to download through its website

2. Proceed with the installation and open it. You will find the next displays

Click to continue

You have to write your local phone number and you’ll receive a message with a code. Simply copy the code received into the screen above and click next

3. Once the 2nd step is done, you’ll be asked whether you want to sync all your phone data to make a backup. Select what you would like to backup and click continue

4. Once you have selected what you’d like to save in the cloud, set a username and password

Click continue after set it.

5. Once the 4th step is done, a display will be shown:

Click in the button on the left to continue and your account will be created!

This cloud has the amazing capacity of 1000GB! So also if your Dropbox account is running out of memory, this Chinese version is a good choice to replace your current western app!

Besides, this app has a special folder which will be protected with a password in case you have some videos, photos or personal documents that you don’t want to share and keep protected. To set a password, click over the folder and you’ll see the following window

Click the circled button and the following screen will be shown

Set a password. It has to be written 2 times and then click next.

Protected folder has been created!

Hope this guide has been useful! 🙂

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