Tai O: fishing village

Located in Lantau Island, Tai O is a fishing village in the western coast of Lantau island. With its unique design and traditional stilt houses, is one of the last authentic places in Hong Kong that still remaining.


Take the metro to Tung Chung Station (Tung Chung Line). Once you reach to Tung Chung Station, take the exit B towards the bus station and grab the Bus 11. You will see some indications along the way to the bus station (Tai O direction). The journey will take around 50 minutes


Reached to Tai O village and crossed the welcoming bridge, you will find many local street markets selling dried seafood, salted fish and all kind of food related to seafood.

Further ahead there is a Bridge with pretty good views of the village, its stilt houses and harbor

Photos taken along the way to Shek Tsai Po Ferry

Heading to Hung Shing temple there is a hiking trail to Fu Shan. Highly recommended to get the best views of Tai O and sea views.

The East side of Tai O there is a traditional port/houses with its classic stilt houses and cafes along the Tai Ping street

Ending the journey towards the East you will also find great views of the river


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