Chinese version of Netflix for FREE

One of the inconveniences of living in China is that most of western apps or services are blocked. Getting used to this censorship is not as easy as expected. Digging and asking to locals is really useful, and I was told by a local that there’s a Chinese version of Netflix for free ready to download and in VOSE.

1. Go to Play Store or App store and seek 人人美剧.

Download the app selected and proceed with its installation

2. Once installed, you will find the following displays:

Click first in the button above to continue with the installation

3. Once the installation is done, open the app and you’ll find the following displays. Basically it’s to choose your desired series category. The second screen shows different ways to log in. If you have wechat account, you can use it to log in and skip its registration. Easiest way

Finally, the installation and settings are done. Now you’re in the app and just need to check it out to familiarize with it.

4. Now in the app, you may click in the following menus to find all series currently showing and search

Click the menu below to open series section:

Click now the menu below to open all series categories:

Now you’ll find out all series shown in the menu, you can search 🔎 whatever you want to watch in the seeker. I have tried typing a show in English language and can easily be recognized

To watch an episode, just need to click in the show you’d like to watch and click one of the following buttons displayed below:

You may click to download and choose the episode you want to download or watch online by clicking the number of the episodes you wish.

Enjoy this awesome app and hope it’d been useful to you 🙂

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