How to register in taobao

One of the most famous and convenient online shop websites/apps in China is Taobao. Through this website or app you will be able to find most of the existing products you are looking for. From garments to furniture and food! In some cases you will be able also to find foreign products
My suggestion is to use a translator from English to Chinese to search the item wanted, since not all items are written in English. Furthermore, some suppliers may increase the price due to the lack of knowledge of Chinese and might take advantage of it

Here I will explain briefly how to sign up in taobao through Alipay and directly through the website
Please note that in order to purchase any item from taobao in China you will need a Chinese Bank Account linked to taobao or Alipay account.


1. Create Alipay account
The easiest way to start using taobao is having an account in Alipay. You may create an account through the English version of Alipay app or its website. You may create an account here and just need to follow the steps.

2. Enter to

Once the Alipay account is done, go to and click here:

Now you will be able to see the following window:

3. Log in using your Alipay account
Once is 2 step is done, click here:

Then you will find out the following window:

4. You are already logged in!!

1. Enter to and click here:
 Now you will be able to see the following window:
Now, click in the following button:

Now the following window will appear. Only need to click “I agree” and then you can finally choose English language!


 Complete it filling your personal details as show the picture below and follow the steps, since now the registration will be in English version!

You will receive an SMS verification code on your phone. Just need to enter the code received on the next display within 60 seconds and fill up your personal information, such as delivery address, name, bank account, email, etc.

Hope this brief guide has been helpful to you

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