Lamma Island: Yung Shue Wan

Lamma Island or Pok Liu Chau (博寮洲) is located to the southwest of Hong Kong and it is the third largest island. The northern village is called Yung Shue Wan and the eastern village is called Sok Kwu Wan

Most people visit this island because is a quiet and pleasant place with its walking trails at one end that leads to the fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan, and the other end is the village of Yung Shue Wan

The main village is Yung Shue Wan with plenty of shops and restaurants. This village is perfect to spend few hours strolling around, to enjoy the local food or just to walk from Pak Kok San Tsuen 北角新村, Pak Kok Kau Tsuen 北角舊村 to Yung Shue Wan crossing by Tai Peng San Chuen. This walk is really pleasant and easy to finish within 1.5h hours




From Central pier 4, grab a boat to Yung Shue Wan. The other side of the island is Sok Kwu Wan which is so far unexplored for me. There is a boat every half an hour and costs about 16HKD. The ride takes about 30 minutes.



Arrived to Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, on the right side is located the town with restaurants, shops and little markets. The views of the port are great and a walk through the town is a must. The town is kind of tourist made, so I don’t think is the best place to buy groceries or maybe get a perfect meal.

Views of the port & town


For a pleasant walk and if the time is tight, I would recommend to walk through the paved Family Walk which may start at the entry of the town.

From the port to West Lamma Channel

From West Lamma Channel to Pak Kok Tsuen Pier


Continuing walking from the Pier there are 2 villages: Pak Kok San Tsuen 北角新村, Pak Kok Kau Tsuen 北角舊村

These 2 villages are very close one with each other, just within 10 minutes


The path splits into 2 at this point: turn to Luk Chau Wan or walk to Yung Shue Wan through Tai Peng San Chuen village to back to the main town

The walk back through Tai Peng San Chuen takes about 1 hour and is pretty relaxing



The island is pretty big just to spend few hours. There are many places to visit and hikes to do.

If you are looking for hiking, there is a recommended trail from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan. The trail takes about 1.5-2 hours







Ngong Ping: Lantau island

Ngong Ping is a village located in Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Near Ngong Ping can find Po Lin monastery, Tian Tan Buddha & The Wisdom Path



Following the same instructions posted for Tai O, one of the way to get here is by Metro + Bus. Take the metro to Tung Chung Station (Tung Chung Line). Once you reach to Tung Chung Station, take the exit B towards the bus station and grab the Bus 23. You will see some indications along the way to the bus station. The journey will take around 40 minutes and it costs around 17.20HKD (during holidays 27HKD). The views along the way will keep you busy for these 40 minutes.

Cable car

The expensive alternative is by Cable Car. Take the metro to Tung Chung Station (Tung Chung Line) and then take the exit B and follow the indications towards the Cable Car. The only inconvenience is the long queue to get the tickets. In my case it took about 1.5h on Saturday. If you are thinking to grab the Cable Car, I would recommend you to arrive as early as possible

The journey will take about 30 minutes and it costs 185HKD round trip (one way is about 130HKD). Also the views from the Cable Car are unique. Highly recommended during clear skies


Arrived to Ngong Ping Village, there are several ways to choose. Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery or The Wisdom Path.

Big Buddha


Towards to the Big Buddha you will face about 270 stairs to reach to the platform. Highly recommended if you wanna enjoy of the views and take some photos. If the weather is clear, you will be able to see amazing views of the bay

Po Lin Monastery


The visit to the Monastery will take few minutes, but is a must to see since you are already there.

The Wisdom Path


One of the greatest part of Ngong Ping. Climbing down the stairs from the Big Buddha, you may turn the right direction and follow the Wisdom Path indications. There are indications along the way

After exploring around, you may find a path towards the Lantau Peak where you can see a viewpoint of the area. Good moment to take some photos.

I would recommend to walk a bit more further up to find better views of the bay.

Also along the way back to Ngong Ping there are some old/abandoned houses quite interesting for photography. Worth to have a look


  • Location: Ngong Ping @ Lantau Island, Hong Kong
  • Transportation chosen: Metro + Bus
  • Time spent: 3.5h (transportation time not included)
  • Season: September & December
  • Weather conditions: Sunny with some clouds on September. Cloudy on December
  • Score: 9/10

Tai O: fishing village

Located in Lantau Island, Tai O is a fishing village in the western coast of Lantau island. With its unique design and traditional stilt houses, is one of the last authentic places in Hong Kong that still remaining.


Take the metro to Tung Chung Station (Tung Chung Line). Once you reach to Tung Chung Station, take the exit B towards the bus station and grab the Bus 11. You will see some indications along the way to the bus station (Tai O direction). The journey will take around 50 minutes


Reached to Tai O village and crossed the welcoming bridge, you will find many local street markets selling dried seafood, salted fish and all kind of food related to seafood.

Further ahead there is a Bridge with pretty good views of the village, its stilt houses and harbor

Photos taken along the way to Shek Tsai Po Ferry

Heading to Hung Shing temple there is a hiking trail to Fu Shan. Highly recommended to get the best views of Tai O and sea views.

The East side of Tai O there is a traditional port/houses with its classic stilt houses and cafes along the Tai Ping street

Ending the journey towards the East you will also find great views of the river