Guangzhou is a city in the south of the People’s Republic of China, capital of the province of Guangdong.

It has an international airport and communicates with Hong Kong (at a distance of 120 km) by trains, buses and a ferry service.

Easily accessible if you fly to Shenzhen or Hong Kong since it has trains every 15-20 minutes and it takes about 30-40 minutes from Shenzhen and about 1 hour from Hong Kong

What to see in this overcrowded city?

Although almost all cities in China look similar except for large cities, Guangzhou has its peculiarity. Likewise, I would not recommend staying more than 4 days unless you’re visiting the surroundings. A good area to choose hotel is the Kecun area, since it is central and moving around is not very expensive via taxi or didi

1. Canton Tower



If you have chosen the Kecun area to spend your nights, Canton Tower is just few minutes walking distance away. Recommended to visit during night time since this tower is the emblem of the city

2. Nightlife at Party Pier Plaza



Both for nightlife and for enjoying its views or for a walk, this area is highly recommended. Great views of the city from the bars entrance area next to the taxi stops

3. Visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral



Soaring 1888 Catholic cathedral, one of only a few in the world constructed completely of granite.

Open from 8.30-11.30 and 14.30-1700 on Tue-Fri. 8.30-17.00 on Sat-Sun. Monday closed

4. Visit the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees


A few minutes walking distance from the cathedral is this temple. Recommended to stop by!

Open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 5pm

Entry fees: 5RMB

5. Visit the Guangxiao Temple



Ancient Buddhist temple complex known for its numerous iron towers, statues, gardens & bodhi tree

Also just a few minutes walking distance from the temple mentioned above is this temple. Perfect for families!

Entry fees: 5RMB

6. Stroll at Xiaozhou Ancient Village 霞洲村


This ancient town is located on the outskirts of the city about 40 minutes by car. Highly recommended to spend half a day and enjoy of its traditional alleys and complexes.

To locate this site once arrived to the area, simply enter the market area or follow the signs. It is also easy to find since the difference between modern and old streets is obvious

7. Explore the Huangpu Village 黄埔村


One of the most beautiful traditional villages of Guangzhou. Perfect to spend a day among its alleys. Full of markets, restaurants, temples, shops … and is not very popular yet!

The town is located on the outskirts but easily accessible by car. Taxis in Canton are not relatively expensive and will save us a lot of time that could be used to visit new sites

8. Stroll at TIT Creative Industry Zone


Industrial zone transformed into business, coffee shops and art. Perfect place to walk, relax, have breakfast, night photography…

9. Walk by Zhujiang River Promenade



Great promenade that goes along the river with views of the city. The end of this promenade leads to the party area

10. Hike up to Baiyunshan


This mountain has several entrances and routes. The roads are usually through the road, so there is no difficulty at all. Within the area there are food stalls and restaurants. The views from the top are decent but unfortunately the pollution usually covers the views a bit.

Along the way there are several points of interest, such as temples and monuments


Xunliao Bay: Rock ‘n’ Beach

Located in Huizhou (China), Xunliao Bay 巽寮湾 is a tourist area in the eastern part of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong. Xunliao Bay is honored as a dazzling pearl among Guangdong coastal areas.

In order to visit this place, I joined to a hiking group arranged from Shenzhen. The bus dropped us near Xiashan Pu 下山埔 and we walked about 25 minutes to the first beach to start coasting. The total distance of the hike is about 12km and may take around 6 hours



Continuing walking through the beach the hike begins with its first rocks. 70% of the coast are pure rocks, so better to bring sport shoes with a good grip, since some rocks along the way are a bit slippery. Sun block is also a must for this place, the sun is strong and just few shelters or shades will be found on the way

The other 30% of the way are beaches and trails. Perfect for a better landscape

Climbing up to some of these trails will offer a better views of the bay and the offshore seascape. The trail is well marked by hikers to don’t get lost despite is really hard to.


We spotted few sections with slight difficulty. Slippery rocks and slopes help to get out of the flat land routine, since basically all the way is quite similar.

Along the way there are several beaches where to rest, sunbath, swim or collect shells for your relatives. Seems that this coast is famous for its beaches and shells, so it’s also a good moment to get some to back home

Finishing the hike, we reach to the last beach before getting into the boat towards the port. The sunset made this place worthy to hike. Romantic moment whether you are with your relative or for some photo shoot to conquer romantically a guy/girl 😉


After a break and taking shots of the sunset, we ended near the port. We board to the boat before taking the bus towards Shenzhen


Journey from the starting point to the ending point


If you are looking for a different place to disconnect and away from mountains and city, maybe this place is not a bad choice after all.


  • Location: Xunliao Bay 巽寮湾 @ Huizhou, Guangdong
  • Time spent: 6-7 hours + 4 hours journeys
  • Season: End of October
  • Weather conditions: Sunny & windy, 22 degrees
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Score: 7.5/10

















Yao Village: Into the Ancient

Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 is located in Sanpai Village few kilometers away from Liannan County @ Qingyuan City in China.

Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 is a historical village with 1.000 years old in good conditions, where its history, culture, art, architecture and views make it unique in China.

One of the most striking features of this village are its stilt-house architecture, its corridor lanes and bamboo water pipes all over the village.

The way how I get here was by bus services arranged by a hiking group. It’s not very easy to reach here unless you hire a tour or find some hiking groups with this getaway in mind


Arrived to Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 at night, we only had time for dinner and drinks. The food here was quite good and also open to vegetarians. At night, we could see some kind of karaoke and something like BBQ. A entire chicken was cooked on this BBQ/fire

The rooms/hostel here are not 5 stars, not even 1 star. Don’t expect lust in this kind of places if you are thinking to spend a night here. I guess that living for one night like locals is a good option.

In the morning, you can climb the stairs up towards the temple whether you want to enjoy the sunrise. There is a small hill where you can find a great views of the zone.


The local breakfast was amazing, especially the fresh soya milk! They craft their own soya milk!


The rest of the day we explored around the village. Its streets and views will really surprise you

Strolling further down, there are many view spots. Worth to spend hours in strolling around

Something that really shocked me was the dried food selling around the village. You can find anything out there…


I would recommend you to head up to the top floor of any house in the village and check through the window whether you want to take great photos of the area

At the end of this tour, the villagers perform traditional singing and dancing for all guests

Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 worth to visit at least once whether you are near the area, since to reach here will take you hours due to its remote location and lack of transportation.


  • Location: Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 @ Liannan County, Qingyuan
  • Transportation: Bus service arrangement
  • Time spent: 1 day
  • Season: March
  • Weather conditions: Cloudy and foggy. Rains at the end of the day
  • Score: 9/10


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Yingde: The Cradle of Flowers


Located in Qingyuan (China), Yingde (英德) has been one of the most beautiful places I had visited in China so far. It is a historical city in the north of Guangdong Province.

The way how I get here was arranged by a hiking group. I joined to a hiking group to explore this area. From Shenzhen, the guide arranged a bus service to take us at Yingde. The journey took about 4-5 hours with 30 minutes of break.

Once arrived to the destination, the route was from Chengxiacun (城下村) > slight hike/walk through Yingxifenglin corridor (英西峰林走廊景区), which has a great views (similar than Yanghsuo) > Bus pick up point to Yao village (南岗村瑶寨) with a stop in between the journey to admire one of the most stunning views which I will talk later on.


Arrived finally to Chengxiacun (城下村), we started the walk across the Ying Xifeng Lin corridor (英西峰林走廊景区).

Our bus dropped us in this small village next to Ying Xifeng Lin corridor. From this village (城下村) there is a path which takes you through the mountains and is where the hike starts. The bridge in the photo above is a well-known starting point

Once crossed the stoned bridge, the hike is really pleasant and easy. Surrounded of great views, farms and small villages

After few hours of walking, there is a cave to pass through with seemingly a dry lagoon.


Once finished the walk on this corridor after few hours, the bus pick us up to take us to Yao Village (南岗村瑶寨). On the way to this village, the bus dropped us in a tourist spot to take some photos and enjoy of its amazing views

I bet for those who already visited Guillin and Yangshuo will find in these views kind of similar.

The location for this spot is unknown for me. I guess it’s in some point between Chengxiacun (城下村) and Yao Village (南岗村瑶寨)


I hope you have the chance to enjoy this trip. Yingde is famous tourist attraction, hence it won’t be hard to get here by finding some bus or tour services.


  • Location: Ying Xifeng Lin corridor 英西峰林走廊景区 @ Yingde 英德
  • Transportation: Bus services arrangement
  • Time spent: 5 hours
  • Season: March
  • Weather conditions: Sunny with slight clouds
  • Score: 8.5/10


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Baolin Temple

Located in Taiping mountain in Shunde district of Foshan (China), Baolin Temple 宝林寺 is highly recommended place during your visit in Foshan. The entry is not for free, so you have to get tickets just in the right side of the entrance. The ticket price is about 30RMB for foreigners, and about 15RMB for locals.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00


The best way to get there is by using Didi or taxi to 宝林寺 (Baolin Rd, Shunde District) directly or can take the bus 311 which stops right in front of the temple. Although Didi or taxi is fairly cheap in Shunde, a bus is also a good choice


Once inside there is a hall full of stairs that leads to the top of the temple. Just keep walking and enjoy

Photos taken along the way

The square located on the top next to the temple is unique with its decoration and views.


  • Location: Baolin Temple 宝林寺 @ Shunde, Foshan
  • Transportation chosen: Didi
  • Time spent: 3 hours
  • Season: July
  • Weather conditions: Cloudy/Rainy
  • Score: 8.5/10


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Qinghui Park: Beholding of Pure Splendor

Located in Shunde district of Foshan (China), Qinghui Park 順德清暉園 is a beautiful park that can’t be missed on your visit in Foshan. This park has no free entry, so you have to buy tickets in the entry at 15RMB per person for foreigners, locals for free.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 18:00

Qinghui Park was my second place visited during my trip to Foshan, and it’s a perfect place for those photography lovers. Full of gardens, lakes, history and beauty.


The best way to get here is by Didi or Tax. The address is 位于广东省顺德区大良镇清晖路 (No.23 Qinghui Road, Shunde District, Foshan). However, just showing the name of this park will be enough (順德清暉園)


Photos taken at the entrance of the park

Walking through its narrow pathways. The park is full of these narrow pathways with traditional designs on their door frames

Some photos of its gardens, lakes and paths

To get a nice views of the park there are stairs next to the waterfalls

At the end of the journey there are some performances and people taking photo sessions wearing its traditional costume

More photos before getting out of the park


  • Location: Qinghui Park 順德清暉園 @ Shunde, Foshan
  • Transportation chosen: Didi
  • Time spent: 2.5 hours
  • Season: July
  • Weather conditions: Sunny
  • Score: 7.5/10


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